Professional Soft Washing and Window Cleaning

Amazing Exterior Cleaning LLC

Professional Soft Washing and Window Cleaning

Amazing Exterior Cleaning LLC


Commercial and Residential Pressure Washing, Low Pressure Roof Washing and Soft Washing, Traditional/ Pure Water Window Cleaning

How do we clean your house?

Many people ask us "Are you going to use high pressure on my house?"

The answer is NO! There is not one instance that it is necessary to use more than 300-1200 psi on a house. Yes our machines can obviously produce more pressure than that, but there is actually a calculated science behind the application method of cleaning your home or business. This lies in the actual machine itself, the tip size, length of lance/gun or even unloader setting. The technicians at Amazing Exterior Cleaning are thoroughly trained in proper pre- treat and rinse process of exterior surface cleaning. Sadly, most tricks of the trade cannot be taught, but must be learned through first hand experience. 

Anybody..   Can go out and buy a pressure washer; but only through trial and error will your property actually be cleaned. Most of the time the damage that is done ( By inexperienced companies e.g. the high school kid down the street, or even the property owner) is worth more to fix than just hiring a professional company from the start. 

Now I would love to dive into the inner mechanics and processes that we use to clean your home but that would be unfair to the other companies such as ourselves that have spent countless hours of time in the field and thousands of dollars on machinery/ advertising/ and possibly even lost revenue from fixing mistakes made in the past. 

What I can tell you is the General Process of Soft Washing so you understand the work that will be performed on your home or business. 

1. Apply a Safe Biodegradable Solution (Low Pressure)

2. After adequate dwell time is reached we Hydrate/Rinse 

3. Depending on Organic Buildup(Mold) process may be repeated

4. Some areas such as (Brick or Stone) may require slightly higher pressure

Never so strong as to damage the surface. 

I hope this article helps relieve any doubts or questions that you may have.

We offer both Commercial and Residential services. 

Hot Water Pressure Washing, Water Recovery/Reclaim, Sewer Jetting etc.